Consociationalism and Power-Sharing in Europe Arend Lijphart's Theory of Political Accommodation

Consociationalism and Power-Sharing in Europe: Arend Lijphart's Theory of Political Accommodation By Michaelina Jakala
English | PDF,EPUB | 2017 (2018 Edition) | 222 Pages | ISBN : 3319670972 | 3.02 MB
This book examines the theoretical and practical relevance and challenges of the consociationalist model of democracy. Since the publication of the Politics of Accommodation (1968) and Democracy in Plural Societies (1977) Professor Lijphart's theories and practical implementations have played a key role in establishing enduring peace settlements. In this edited volume, scholars and Professor Lijphart himself critically examine the history of consocationalism and its application in areas including Northern Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Colombia.

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