The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department are the on the hunt for a gang of fraudsters attempting to scam thousands of pounds out of insurance companies using a broken down ice cream van, a prisoner hasn't learnt any lessons in good behaviour as she tries to lie her way to an insurance payout, and a traveller's harrowing account of being attacked and robbed at gunpoint whilst travelling in Tanzania turns out to be a total fabrication.
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Claimed and Shamed S07E04 WEB-DL x264-JIVE

The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department pay an early morning visit to a fraudster suspected of selling fake motor insurance policies, and a tiny car park prang results in a shocking claim for personal injury. An amateur boxer's attempt to defraud the Royal Mail ends up on the ropes when his fake personal injury claim is knocked back. A driver's outrageous attempt to bag a bumper payout backfires after it's caught on camera, and a fraudster is forced to admit to his crimes when confronted by his mobile insurer.
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