Axpertsoft PDF Page Remover 1.5.2

Axpertsoft PDF Page Remover 1.5.2 | 13.0 MB
If you are having lots of scanned pdf documents containing blank pages inside and you are in need to remove all these blank pages, it is very cumbersome task to open each pdf file one by one, and search for blank pages to remove from it. AxpertSoft provides best and affordable solution for this panic situation, a tool known as PDF Page Remover, detects & deletes scanned pdf files one by one, create a report of deleted page(s). In fact, you can back up the deleted page(s) as a separate pdf documents. Program is fully automatic, scans whole pdf document page by page, analyze the pixels values, notify as blank and removes from pdf. Pdf blank page removal process takes very short time in detection & deletion of pages as compared to other method.
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Axpertsoft PDF Security Remover 1.4.10

Axpertsoft PDF Security Remover 1.4.10 | 8.0 MB
PDFs are important as professional documents in all businesses. Usually, PDF security is set in order to keep information confidential and accessible to authorized persons only. However, there are some precise conditions when you need to unlock PDFs and remove restrictions on editing, copying and even printing. AxpertSoft Pdf Security Remover is a professional utility devised to remove forgotten owner password from pdf documents, especially when your pdf admin is out of reach and you need urgent access permission on that document.
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Axpertsoft PDF Splitter 1.2.5

Axpertsoft PDF Splitter 1.2.5 | 5.5 MB
Sharing heavy pdf document is very cumbersome task especially if internet speed is not sufficient. AxpertSoft Pdf Splitter software is best choice in such a critical situation. Program used advanced algorithms to cut the pages into multiple smaller parts having specific number of pages per split pdf. In fact you can define the split method to slice the document according to requirement. Program can split pdf page by number of pages per file, collating every specific number of page, split page range like 4, 9, 12-17 etc, extract or remove specific page from pdf file as a new pdf, split odd pages, split even pages etc.
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