SANKOM Audytor SDG 2.0
File size: 116 MB

Selection of convection heaters and underfloor heating. A tool for fast selection of convection heaters and design of underfloor heating basing on the products of your company. Audytor SDG is dedicated to all professionals who prepare pricing tenders on everyday basis and preliminarily select heating equipment for single-family detached houses, terraced houses, as well as multi-family buildings.

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SANKOM Audytor OZC 6.1
File size: 189.3 MB

Building 3D modelling and heat load calculations. Software designed for 3D computer modelling of buildings, as well as for computer aided calculations of heat load of individual rooms.

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SANKOM Audytor C.H. 6.0
File size: 420.4 MB

Audytor CH program is designed for graphic-aided design of new heating systems, adjustment of existing installations (e.g. in insulated buildings), as well as design of cooling systems (network od ice-water pipes). An important feature is the ability to place multiple sources heating or cooling medium in one design, which enables e.g. design of four-pipe system.

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SANKOM Audytor C.H. & C.O. v6.0

SANKOM Audytor C.H. & C.O. version 6.0 | 420.6 mb
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